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Thread: problem injecting packets with compatible card

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    Default problem injecting packets with compatible card

    im using an intel 3945, ive done alot of searching but havnt found an answer that works; and i also end up on a lot of info that obviously isnt correct. i pass the injection test but cant do a chop chop or frag attack. the chop attack tells me it cant inject packets and gives me a bunch of possible reasons, the frag attack never gets a response and eventually ask to try another packet. this is after i associate my self with AP. there is no clients on the network

    i start by putting wlan0 into monitor mode (airmon-ng start wlan0) then use airodump with mon0. when i get to aireplay i go back to wlan0, which i read is what your suppose to do, but still nothing. any help is apprecitated

    nobody know? really? lol, i also cant catch a handshake when trying to hack wpa
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