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Thread: inguma Help Please...

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    Unhappy inguma Help Please...

    Hi Everyone,I am having a troubles with Inguma ,first i was trying to test inguma gui but most of the exploits gave me some errors,and the command line i don't know how to use and i really want to learn ... i was looking on forum and on the google and many others have the same problem with the inguma gui. i want to learn how to work with the command line to launch an attack and all that stuff...
    PS:Verry Begginer
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    Default Re: inguma Help Please...

    Have you tried man inguma or inguma --help, or some variation of this, I've never used inguma so I can't be sure what will prompt the man/help pages.

    Also, if you googled "inguma commands", the first link is to the Inguma Dev blog, which lists/has some tutorials on using inguma.

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