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Thread: A problem that will probably take a pro a moment to fix :P

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    Default A problem that will probably take a pro a moment to fix :P

    Hello, I have BT4 installed onto my Macbook via VMWare Fusion, and everything works pretty well except for a slight bug with my click button. You see, BT4 seems to think that my primary click (just pressing on the click button) is my right click (Which would be used by placing two fingers on the trackpad and then pressing the click button, or by command-clicking). It's as if they are somehow swapped, but I've googled around and the majority of results i get are about people who have physically broken their button lol :P Any help would be much appreciated. This is a rather fresh install of BT4 BTW, Only about 2 weeks old.

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    Default Re: A problem that will probably take a pro a moment to fix :P

    Well the way I THINK it works is that Mac's kernel differentiates between the two button click differences? I'm not an avid mac user so I really have no clue, but if you're using a Mac mouse I think it is just a single button mouse (read right click only), and not a two button mouse. (which can "left" click and "right" click).

    So assuming this is correct, I think you'd either have to change how BT4 recognizes the mouse( I think, I'm not really sure if there's a solution for it). But I do believe you should be able to force the mouse to be a second button mouse, and just switch the settings.

    It's there somewhere, no clue as I'm on a different computer. You might wanna try Mouse preferences (I think it's under System). Good luck though

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