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Thread: Please Help! Reinstall or not?

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    Default Please Help! Reinstall or not?

    Hi! I need help to solve my multiboot system problem.
    I had everything working fine - 1 disk with a XP NTFS primary 1st partition, storage 2nd NTFS patition, Backtrack4 final primary 3rd partition and 4th extended with 2 logical (linux swap and linux data).

    Later on a second disk with 3 equal size primary partitions I installed 2 different hackintosh versions and recently installed a 3rd different Mac install.

    With small problems sometimes with new installs, I allways managed to fix and boot the XP, BT4, and 1 of the macs. BT4 Grub install was managing everything chainloading XP and Darwin/Chameleon on the Mac.
    Until I decided to install windows 7 on the storage 2nd NTFS partition of the XP and BT4 disk.

    Besides taking over the disk MBR, apparently wiped out several files on the Grub Boot folder in BT4 partition including menu.lst and it's backup (I did edit it a few times because of the new installs) stage file(s) maybe more files, not sure.

    Now, is it safe to reinstall BT4 over previous install without loosing new programs installed or updates (sounds a bit stupid to just get the grub BT4 standard install files)? Or if it's not,

    Can somebody upload for me on any upload site the main files or the whole Boot folder for me, so that I can dowload and adapt to my HDs setup?
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Please Help! Reinstall or not?

    It would be much easier to just reinstall backtrack rather than trying to replace system files.

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    Default Re: Please Help! Reinstall or not?

    Thank you for your answer. I reinstalled Grub only already a couple of times and this time to hd0,2 not as default hd0,0.
    My only problems reinstalling BT4 are loosing updates and added settings or programs and default Grub setup to hd0,0 which will wipe win 7 mbr. As it is I can boot everything except BT4.

    Maybe just the BT4 HD install standard menu.lst so that I can try a last time before reinstall.


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    Default Re: Please Help! Reinstall or not?

    Tbh if it's only your grub folder thats gone just reinstall Grub and you should be good to go. Good learning exercise too . Then you can just edit your Menu.lst, takes a few seconds, and like I said good learning exercise . Just my 2 cents though Gl

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