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Thread: How to get Atheros AR9287 Chipset Working

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    Default How to get Atheros AR9287 Chipset Working

    Not sure if this deserves to be in the "How To" section, but I figured it might save someone a few headaches and a lot of googling.


    tar -xf /root/compat-wireless-2.6.33.tar.bz2
    cd compat-wireless-2.6.33
    make install
    shutdown now -r
    Once rebooted:

    Then, Wicd Manager=>Preferences=>Wireless Interface: wlan0

    Refresh and you should see some wireless networks.

    Thanks to dustyboner for directing me to the compat drivers.

    ****kukubau was able to get it working using these commands. Anyone that tries either of these, please let me know if they work.

    tar -xf /path/to/compat-wireless-2.6.33.tar.bz2  -  latest stable compat-wireless drivers
    cd /path/to/compat-wireless-2.6.33.tar.bz2
    ./scripts/driver-select - it will show you a list of supported hardware
    ./scripts/driver-select <driver-name>  -  VERY IMPORTANT  -  WRITE THE DRIVER FOR YOUR CARD. FOR ATHEROS - ath9k
    ./scripts/driver-select ath9k
    sudo make install
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