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Thread: iwlwifi 6000 problems

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    Exclamation iwlwifi 6000 problems

    Ok, sitting on a brand new Sager NP8760 which has the Intel Compat Ultimate 6300 802.11ABGN wireless card. The iwlwifi project provides support for the 6000 series cards,but the problem is that what you download gives you iwlwifi-6000-4.ucode, but what all the errors seem to be pointing out is that iwlwifi-6000-2.ucode and iwlwifi-6000-1.ucode are what is missing.

    This is a common problem already, and so far a few people have been getting it to work with some work arounds. I was wondering if you all might be able to do a locate on iwlwifi and see if you have those two files, or if you know you have them or where one could find them, could you upload and/or link to it on here please?

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    I just got a new laptop and have been experiencing the same exact problem. dmesg is saying it wants the 6000-2 ucode yet the only one ive been able to find is the 6000-4 one. I cant find the older version at all to use that either. If it is possible to either get help locating the older version or better yet get BT4 to use the newer one that would be great.

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