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    Default AR9285 No Interface

    haha im new to all this. I read about ethical hacking about a month ago and decided to research it a little bit. Then i saw this bit about wireless networking hacking. Me and a friend have been trying to hack each others networks and are having a contest lol. I downloaded backtrack 4 and really don't understand it. I have been researching it for about a week now but am still a little lost.

    My current problem is when i type in airmon-ng i don't get any interface, chipset or driver. I read about ath9k drivers but don't understand how to install them. also i read some things about putting your wireless card into monitor mode. So can someone help me to understand a little bit of this?

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    Second thread in this section that is stickied at the top with my name one it and the forum faq section as well as the rules covers everything in the post.
    I would suggest you pay particular attention to the rules especially the part about our unwillingness to condone or support in any way your actions with your "friends" network.
    Break the law and talk about it elsewhere.

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