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    Default Airoscript

    Hey to all

    I have a problem with Airoscript and don't know how to fix it or if i do something wrong:

    If I scan for a Network it finds some,
    but i can't select a Network after the Scan.
    I normally press ctrl and c to exit it, but I can't choose then.

    What's the problem or what am I doing wrong?

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    Default Re: Airoscript

    You are doing it wrong
    Check the site follow the links for a video tutorial
    Airoscript - Companion for aircrack-ng

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    Thank you
    I'll check it out

    But if I close Airodump then I'm just coming into a normal menu und it doesn't recognize that airodump has closed???
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    Default Re: Airoscript

    My case is like you and don't know how to select AP. This is my capture screen


    When I press Ctrl+c, it return to main menu.
    Please help me.

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