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Thread: Looking for a book...

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    Question Looking for a book...

    So I'm not so new to Linux, but I am new to backtrack (at least it's deb so I can has apt! yay!)

    Anyway, I know there is so much information on the net about everything I need to know (I love the "How to be a Hacker" linked from the newb sticky - one of my favorite sites :-) ) but i'm usually more efficient if I have everything in front of me at once, and preferably in some sort of logical sequence. Hence, a book. (physical.)

    One book I found "Grey Hat Hacking" seems to be an ok place to start, and I think one of the reviewers on amazon even mentioned BT being mentioned/used in the book..

    If anyone has "the" beginners guide to network tools, etc, PLEASE let me know! (and make a sticky for it as well!)

    Of course books don't get weekly updates, so much material in a book copy-written in 2007 would be out of date by now, but if there's anything at the moment thats good, or a good publishing house or author, please share.

    Using the tutorials on the site (the "best" ones, according to the forums) I couldn't even hack my WiFi with broadcasting on and a simple password (maybe I'm retarded - when it's pilot error, it's pilot error...).

    And thanks for the great distro! (now if only I can get ndiswrapper working for my TEW-643PI.....)

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    Grey Hat Hacking is already a way ahead for a newbie in the linux & infosec world ;-)

    there are tons of books...

    BUT hacking is not about reading books, understanding various basics through all layers (technologies, processes & people), using security tools based on you tube/hak5/vimeo video's about all about curiosity in the infosec space and diving deeper into these 3 main layers...

    Hacking for fun and NO profit!
    ...without 'Hackers', we wouldn't be at this stage of technology!

    ...contribute to the community, attend on events, learn the basics, understand what's running under the hood and not blindly following the mass !

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    Default Re: Looking for a book...

    We will not condone the linking of illegal e-books or warez. This is against the forum rules.
    Any and all books should be purchased, or check out from a library.

    @OP There are several good resources listed in this thread,
    While they may not be Hard copy books, one could print out certain portions of websites.
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