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    Default Installation Question

    While attempting to install BT4 to dual-boot with WinXP I encountered the following problem:

    While in the partitioning screen of the installation, it was pointing towards my external HD, not where I wanted the BT4, though it did give me the option to partition off part of the disk for BT4. I turned off my machine, removed my external, and attempted to install once again.

    This time, I was not allowed the option upon reaching the same point of installation.

    I do not put forth the opinion that I know much, this is something of a learning experience for me. Any help would be appreciated.

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    see google + disk partitioning or Gparted as here you can learn a lot on your own but for cruel price if something goes wrong.
    Eventually you can use this tutorial here in ,,HowTo,, section Dual Boot | BackTrack Linux - Penetration Testing Distribution
    but i would recommend you to read about Gparted first anyway.
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