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Thread: AWUS036NH Driver For Backtrack 4 Final

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    Default AWUS036NH Driver For Backtrack 4 Final

    i have found and tried many different tutorials on how to get the injection of my card to work, but being the n00b i am, i never seem to get it quite right.

    could someone that got it to work just recompile their kernel after installing the driver (that supports injection) into an .ISO file so myself along with other n00bs can run it as a live CD?

    so basically I'm asking if someone would take the time to do a fresh install (or something), install the drivers, recompile into .ISO, and post somewhere for download (e.g. FileSwap, or other free file sharing site)?

    if anyone does decide to, thank you soooo much ahead of time, I've had this card for about 3 months and haven't gotten to use it yet

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    Default Re: AWUS036NH Driver For Backtrack 4 Final

    First we will not be doing this for you. You can do it yourself. Take it as a great learning event.
    Second there are a billion threads on your card so there is no need to start another one on the subject. You can contribute to the others instead.

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