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Thread: Live Persistent Perma Crash

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    Question Live Persistent Perma Crash

    Hey guys. About, oh, 3 days ago I'm sitting in my college class using BT4 as my OS. And all of a sudden it crashed to the root shell, and it looks like I had just picked persistent live and had not typed startx yet. I tried going through each of the Alt+F(1-6) and each was the same(more or less). Well now when ever I boot to my Live Persis. It automatically runs start-network and startx for me, boots to KDE desktop. I would usually follow it up with opening Wicd, well I try to open it and it never comes up. Actually nothing does, the only things that open is Firefox, useless with out internet. Not even shells open, they blink quickly then close. If I open the sys guard it doesn't even show the apps running. So now I'm forced into using the non-persis graphical modes. Anyone have any idea what happened or how I can go about fixing this? I figured I give going into non-persis enabling the internet then using apt-get update/upgrade thinking that maybe and update would overwrite what ever is broken. Oh well, anyone got a clue wtf happened?

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    Probably best to re-do your setup. Since you just started this should be rather easy.
    Also look through the forum faq section for more info on getting setup. Check md5sum etc.

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    Default Re: Live Persistent Perma Crash

    Well I mean I'm not new to this or anything, Ive been using BT since 2 Final. But this is the first time that this has happened. I'm gonna try and format then re install to the usb later tonight.

    EDIT: Did a fresh install, everything seems to be working fine now. You can lock this.
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