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Thread: Help Plz No Interface When I Type In Airmon-ng

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    Default Help Plz No Interface When I Type In Airmon-ng

    Hi i have a Presario CQ61 Notebook. My wireless card is Atheros AR9285. I have downloaded and installed backtrack and have it set up. When i open the Shell Console and type in airmon-ng it says there is no interface, chipset or driver. Idk what to do. Do i need to install a driver or something? the reason i want it to work is because i can only get internet in my brothers room by the window. Theres like 15 connections around me though and they all have wep. So can someone plz help me to get it working so i can have internet anywhere in the house. Thanks

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    Default Re: Help Plz No Interface When I Type In Airmon-ng

    #1 Do not double post, please re read the forum rules especially the parts about new member posting.

    #2 Maybe take some time to read the FAQ and you would know why your internal card will not work with vmware

    #3 We do no condone the illegal act of breaking into wireless systems which are not your. Stealing wifi is bad juju

    So thats 3 rules you have broken all in your first post. Good Show!

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    Default Re: Help Plz No Interface When I Type In Airmon-ng

    purehate we do need to have the corner back .... please where is my favourite "Idiot Corner" ? xD
    Watch your back, your packetz will belong to me soon... xD

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