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Thread: prob with wireless card

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    Default prob with wireless card

    just bought a new laptop. here is the issue. i have windows and backtrack both duel booting. on windows my wireless and wired network cards work. but in backtrack neither work. i have a broadcom 4312 wireless card and a wired broadcom card. im not worried about the wired connection but i have new way of running package manager without my cards working. i have downloaded everything i need: the drivers, and what was needed out of the package manager. that took a while to find but i did. now i have all the stuff on the desktop of backtrack but how do i setup the .deb without using the package manager? never had to do this manually but when i get the wireless setup my problems should be solved


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    Default Re: prob with wireless card

    savidsartin - The Broadcom chipset is notoriously unsupported. However, it appears that's about to change, thanks to the developers. Support for Broadcom chipsets is coming soon: BackTrack Blog Entry Announcing Upcoming Support for Broadcom
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