Hello Forum,

Backtrack 4 Final
Interface/Chipset/Driver: wlan0/ Ralink 2573 USB / re73usb
VMware Player

1) I can't seem to figure out why my wireless usb stays in monitor mode. ( airmon-ng stop wlan0) This command works fine but when I type (airodump-ng wlan0) it does it's job but, then I type (iwconfig) just to check it, I see it's back it monitor mode.

2) I did some searching in the forum and found out that ettercap can not be used with wireless usb adaptors in monitor mode, this will explain why I get the error: (Interface "wlan0" not supported [802.11 plus BSD radio information header]). When I run ettercap on interface (eth0) i'm able to scan for host but not ARP. This is because my VMware Player is reading my hardrive wirless card and not my usb wirless card.

3) I also removed the two # in the iptables under Liniux inside the /etc/etter.conf (I did some research in the forum and this was told to be down)

4) I also tried changing the VM network adaptor to Bridged from NAT and from NAT to Bridge. On NAT I was not even able to scan for host but on bridge ettercap was able to read my hardware network adaptor and scan for host.

I guess the bottom line is that I need to get my wireless usb adaptor off of monitor mode so that ettercap can read it, scan for host and perform mitm attacks. (airmon-ng stop wlan0) works but when I try to connect the wlan0 to ettercap it's not supported.