Hi, I am new to linux
So, I am completely aware that I have to buy a book or something to get knowledge about some basic commands

But, just to see how cool it is to actually see it working, I want to ask how I can aircrack or grimwepa working
from my usb stick.
I am not sure if there are any drawbacks from working from an usbstick, but clearly I am experiencing some issues.

I have a sony vayo, with windows 7 on it. And a intel centrino advancedl 6200-n AGN adapter.
Now if I run aircrack-ng start wlan0 it says it cannot find the firmware file so it fails.
From another thread, I got that you have to install the 6000 series yourself, because it only go's sofar as 5000.
How is this done then?

Secondly, if I follow the tutorial for getting grimwepa from the googlecode pages, it says it cannot resolve the address.
I am getting the feeling that something else is getting in the way of getting everything to work properly.

Can someone get me some insights on this, please.

(bytheway, what's up with making the input boxes black, I cannot see what I am typing)

thanks, Richard