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Thread: ettercap -G (host issue)

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    Default ettercap -G (host issue)

    Having issues getting host names on ettercap -G.

    VMware Player
    BackTrack 3
    Interface: rausb0
    Chipset: Ralink USB
    Driver: rt73
    YouTube Video Tutorial I used: YouTube - IEFD Ep. 20 - Ettercap - Part 1 of 6

    1) ettercap -G is not reading my raubs0 wireless usb adaptor
    2) ettercap -G reads my eth0 network adaptor but will not inject any packets with ARP & Sniffer is selected.
    3) ettercap -G only reads my network adaptor not my wireless adaptor
    4) ettercap -G gives an error when Uniffied Sniffing > ettercap input > rausb0 is selected
    ERROR : 9, Bad filr decriptor [ec_send.c:send_init:118] libnet_init(LIBNET_LINK_ADV) failed: unknown physical layer type 0x322
    5) rausb0 is able to do a wpa crack for a handshake using airodump-ng commands (does this mean my wireless usb adaptor is compatible with BackTrack)
    6) How do you get into the program files on a victims computer that is on the same network?

    Thank you,
    Damon Jones

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    Default Re: ettercap -G (host issue)

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