Hello! I recently purchased a Asus eee 1005PE, and made a live BT4 USB. After booting into it, I got screen issues, where it wouldn't recognize my screen or I had a bad .conf file. Running fixvesa fixed this for me, and in the live USB everything worked alright. The screen resolution was off, but that wasn't my biggest concern. After installing to the hard drive, I booted into it and got several errors. The screen still was not being recognized and the resolution was off, but again, fixvesa worked for the time. After booting into it, I noticed I had several problems:

My trackpad/external mouse was not being recognized.
My wireless card was not being regonized
Keyboard was only detected in command line before startx

Now, I noticed others have had these problems also, but there were no documented fixes in this thread. I was wondering if anyone else has had these issues with this particular model/others similar to it, and how they went about fixing it.

Thanks in advance!