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Thread: Shell: export tool under domain

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    Default Shell: export tool under domain

    I'm trying to make downloads & updates through the console but without luck..
    I used this tool
    export HTTP_PROXY=http: //user: pass@host: port
    export FTP_PROXY=http: //user: pass@host: port
    like this

    export HTTP_PROXY=http://domain\user: pass@host: port
    export FTP_PROXY=http://domain\user: pass@host: port
    (i separated the syntax cuz of the max smiles permitted)

    Am I doing the right syntax? I don't know what to do already
    i hope my thread is in the right place now

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    Default Re: Shell: export tool under domain

    It might help if you mentioned the particular application that you were trying to use to perform your downloads with, but since you haven't, I'm just going to throw ideas out there until I decide to move on to the next thread.

    remember that backslash (\) is a meta character that is interpreted by the shell - if you want to include a backslash in your environment value, either use a double backslash
    $ export http_proxy=http://domain\\user:pass@proxy:port/
    or enclose the string in single quotes
    $ export http_proxy='http://domain\user:pass@proxy:port/'
    try using lowercase http_proxy instead of uppercase HTTP_PROXY. Different tools expect different things, and the whole business of using environment variables to specify web proxy addresses is a complete mess because of lack of an early standard.

    try also setting $https_proxy too (I seem to recall yum under later releases of FC wouldn't work without this).

    Lastly, check what authentication methods (basic, auth, digest, cram-md5, ntlm, etc) your proxy accepts, and what methods are supported by whatever application you are using.

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