I have installed BT4 to a botable USB using Unetbootin. It boots up fine, but when I enter the "start x" mode the letters appear HUGE to the point where I cannot move or do anything. The desktop and taksbars all look fine, but the text itself for the "install to hard drive" icon take up the whole screen. THis issue has me perplexed as I have added and re-added the image to the USB a few times now with the same result. The only thing I did not do was set the MBR like the instructions said becasue there was no /boot/bootin.bat file on the USB.

Any assistance would be appeciated, my goal is to setup a dual boot XP and Backtrack 4 machine.....My machine currently has Fedora and XP dual booting but I dont care for the Fedora install and will replace that once I get BT4 working. But again the problem is all the letters (appears to be only letters) on the screen appear so big I cannot move anywhere. This is a DELL OPTIPLEX GX620 with no internal DVD drive, so that is why I am booting from USB.

Any feedback would be appreciated