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Thread: External PCMCIA WiFi Canyon Card CN-502 not working

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    Default External PCMCIA WiFi Canyon Card CN-502 not working

    Hello Everyone!

    I just started live CD Black Track 4 for the first time. I sucessfully enabled my eth0 interface so my network and internet is working. I am working on a laptop Gericom. I am having external PCMCIA wireless card Canyon CN-WF502.
    Command ifconfig wlan0 gives me some data about RX and TX packages both ZERO. ( That means he know card is connected right? Cause if i disconnect card and try if config i get error )
    Command lsmod |grep ath_pci and modprobe ath_pci returns nothing.
    I also cannot see it in my Network Interfaces.

    So problem is with my Wireless Card.. Light on card is not working.
    What I am doing wrong and how to fix it ?

    Thank you very much !
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