Hi everyone, fist post
I first became interested in "offensive security" :P when I read that my card was one of the few supporting injection (rt2561, driver rt61pci Ubuntu Karmic on a desktop). I got a friend's permission to hack her network. Everything went fine, I did it in 7 mins WEP, and connected to her network - all done there - success! But now, all other open networks that are in range that I used to connect to will not transfer data! I can connect via wireless and the signal is strong, but my homepage google will not load, it's stuck at "connecting to www.google.com". I open a terminal and use the PING command, result "unknown host www.google.com". However ifconfig and iwconfig both show a strong connection - that happens not to transfer any data!
I didn't use Backtrack for this, but rather each tool individualy. And I'm not going to keep using my friend's network, so can someone help? What is stopping open networks from communicating?