Hi, newbie here (so don't bite me if I say something stupid , I have just started to learn.)
Ok, So I am right now dual booting slackware and windows 7, with slack installed later and being in MBR. So that Lilo boots up at boot time and asks me if I want to boot into windows or slack.
So far so good.
But I want to install BT to hdd, I ran it live and I thought I should install it to hdd, so my question is, if I installed BT now, will grub show all menu and let me boot into 'em. Or I should install BT First and then Slack so that lilo takes over the GRUB of BT if it is so will it show all my OS?
Please anyone help ...
I have googled but found nothing, this is only place I can get answer.
Any Help Is Appreciated...