Hello ..!

I'm new to the forum and not accurately know where everything is located, if they posted bad about it please move. The second is that it was not so I'm not. "Lazy" plow across and along the board, and, so to speak, "sh*t" - Namely, propagates to me about what the topic .. The course of events is as follows:

a) fires a computer,
b) Then, after loading all of a miracle, fires up the choice of systems, which of course I choose ubuntu,
c) fires up the box loader ubuntu is the first pick, which at the end of the sentence the words "(recovery mode)"
d) Then I load Ubuntu, and even here sometimes when loading the screen blinks (black background) per sec and then continue to load with a light jams
e) When the fires system after about 2 minutes, use type: Setting the bar, pulling the icons on the desktop, etc.., namely small things for now I'm trying to do, because just yesterday I installed Ubuntu and this is so, then I did not like it, and Here is why I am writing to you colleagues

Parameters of the PC (but I do not think it had an impact on it, because in the dad's laptop, which is much weaker hardware to move the walls Mesershmit):

AMD Athlon 3500+ 64Bit`s
ATI Radeon X1650
1.5 GB RAM
HardDisk: 120 GB

Thank you kindly in advance for your help and greet ...