I have an ASUS P6T7 WS SuperComputer motherboard with 4 nvidia 9800GTx+ cards in it and I installed the ‘aircrack-cuda’ program I learned about on these forums **.

I can rip through passwords using John The Ripper at about 200,000K/s but the program misses the password of a known .cap file that I have.

When I run aircrack-ng (normal) using a word list of all English words I can crack the capture easily, but when running the CUDA enabled version I get to the end of the list without ever finding the password.

Is this a Known issue or did I do something wrong?

I googled the problem but I always end up back at these forums with no answer.

I am new to forums in general so please be gentile if I did it wrong and just made an ass out of myself.