Hey guys, I've been reading around and i have come to the realization that my wireless card in my Dell Studio 15 (Broadcom 4312 [14e4:4315] [rev1]
), is not supported on this kernel. so I have been fudging around with the new linux kernel (2.6.33) in an effort to get it to work, i have found that it does work in DMA mode, but just slightly, after trying to connect to a AP the driver seems to break and will no longer scan for networks. This can only be fixed by re-installing the kernel. I have been using a pre-built *.deb to install the kernel, however i have just recompiled a kernel my self using:

make 0=/root/linux-2.6.33/build/kernel_out oldconfig
then continued to install it, but it has a kernel panic on start-up.

Any ideas?