Hello ... very warmly

I'm new to this forum .. The first thing I would say is if you located the badly about it immediately apologize and please move if need be ...

But going to the heart of the matter.: Today I installed Back Track 4 on VB, I do everything I did and it works like a doll, so to speak. But one thing, namely MAIN - Not working: (. Is it WIFI, and here once I would like to emphasize that I have a USB WiFi antenna, the exact model of antennas - AirLive WL-1600USB

Please help, because they probably know from personal experience that BackTrack without an Internet connection is useless

P.S. VBoxGuestAdditions - has already been installed

Edit :
Slight correction: As for the Internet: I have internet signal, all you need to move the walls, but I still can not set the `interfaces in WIFI card ...,

Still waiting for answers...,

Thanks in advance, and Yours sincerely,