I've been trying to get my USB adapter to work for about a month now and i could really use some help.

I'm on Windows 7 using VMware Workstation and BT4 Final with a Linksys WUSB600N V1.

When i go into BT4 my usb is shown in iwconfig/ifconfig/lsusb.

I can up my adapter with ifconfig ra0 up.. However it hangs for up to 2 - 3 minutes. After it is up i run WICD and attempt to to search for wireless connections. RARELY it will find any.. I have to close and re open it many times before it finds anything. Same issue with iwlist ra0 scan rarely finds anything.

When i do find wifi in WICD and i hit connect it will hang often saying "Taking down interface" and then after staying at "Connecting". I then have to close and reopen it many times in order to get it to connect. it takes me about an hour to get it to work.

is my usb shitting the bed or is there something making it hang? i'de really like to get this to work.

bridging works fine but you cant do anything with it brigded.

any help would be great.