Trying and searching for days to resolve this. Im trying to get this to work as a favor for someone but no luck whatsoever.

using the ASUS wl-167 usb adapter.

I have a windows vista pc, where all is working fine as soon as I plugin the usb adapter, a popup shows and the internet works..(took me a while since I am not familiar with Linux...at all). Also, I see the icon on the bottom of my screen.

Now, i'm trying to do the same on my friends laptop which is a brand new HP with windows 7. however I see no icon, have no internet yet when I go to host virtual network mapping it does see the ASUS adapter. Whenever I plugin the usb adapter I get a message that The network bridge on device VMnet0 is temporarily down because the bridged ethernet device ...... Same setting as on the pc but just cant get it to work

BTW I set both up according to the youtube tutorial by kiwi12k.

I don't know if i'm giving enough information but please help me out with this one. Maybe there is a simple solution that i'm just not seeing.

thanx in advance