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Thread: Metasploit tcp connect ...

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    Post Metasploit tcp connect ...

    For the last few weeks i've been playing with metasploit ...

    Ive had fun hacking an old server using the old net_api overflow on xp sp 2

    I just read the metasploit blog about the new adobe_libtiff exploit

    i used the payload


    (is this right ?)

    I have the PDF on the target machine it works A ok and connects back to my machine on my question is ....

    how do i go from a tcp connection to either a meterpreter session or vncinject using the command line in ruby ?

    i've tried:

    connect ... it connects but then does nothing ?

    ^^^ do i need to run this as a bg session/job ?

    any suggestions please

    & please dont flame me

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    oops am confused..the payload uhave opted is the metpreter only rgt??? wht else are u asking for??

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