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Thread: Hidy Hoe Neighbor'o!

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    Default Hidy Hoe Neighbor'o!

    Hey Hey, Just wanted to drop a line, or two and say hello to the community. I am new to the forums and a little new to BackTrack (but love ubuntu), so we should get along good I assume ^.^

    For other n00bs reading this thread, here is a couple of quick notes on your survival of using BackTrack, or linux in general!

    1. I just installed and/or booted BackTrack and I can't get connected OMG! HELP!

    * Answer: Kill yourself no, just make sure you have eth0
    set to default (ifconfig eth0 default) and run dhclient, or you
    can manually set the settings (man ifconfig).

    * NOTE: Also, if you are using VMWare, you will have to bridge the
    connection, and see for that =)
    (I have also tried this on Win7, works fine!)

    2. I want to hack some neighbors wireless after installing this but I don't know how, can you help me?

    * Answer: In order for me, or the community to help you, you must first
    help yourself, and you can best do this buy either taking the
    online course, or you can read each module and google
    how-to's on each module assignment (or make up your own)

    * NOTE: Google is your FRIEND, and I have plenty of times come
    across someone saying, I can't find I cant find, but all it really
    takes is effort, and alot of -"this word" -"that word" -"this too"
    tags to really hunt something down to the tee!

    3. I want to be super cool like haxdash and get all the sexy ladies!

    * Answer: You must first shave your head, spin around in a circle 3
    complete times, hit yourself across the face, and still keep
    wishing to be like me until it comes true, or you pass out
    unconscious and just have a dream of being cool like me!

    Anyway, I don't want to wear out this welcome to much, you other n00bs have some homework to do, and so do I (on BT that is, im way out of school thank god)

    Good luck and may the Fu be with you!

    *EDIT VIA Jun, 19, 2011*

    First off. You wont get help to do illegal activities such as hacking your neighbors wireless.

    Secondly. Theres an official hello thread.

    this is the NEWBIES area and that was a message to NEWBIES, and as for 'hacking neighbours wireless, I didn't say anything on how to do that, simply suggested a google search, so stick your nose up further up an asshole =)


    to all other newbies that might be reading this, BT5 forums are now more active, and BT4 forums will be soon deprecated I am sure.
    Last edited by haxdash; 06-19-2011 at 11:48 PM.

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