Hey guys. This probably isnt the best forum for this type of question but you may be able to lead me to one that might help.

Im currently using BT4 as my OS on a Acer Aspire One netbook.
Im using the Alfa AWUS036H wireless card with the 9db antenna.

When putting the wireless car outside my window and on the roof gutter i notice my old pay tv dish.

This is where i got the idea from. Since my wireless card is clearly not water proof and everything it rains i have to bring it inside.

I want to be able to make a connection from the dish to the wireless card. I can adjust the dish on any angle. The reason i want to do this is that i live on a large property way down the other end from where the main houses wireless system is.

Huge distance my i ad as i drive a car from my little granny flat to the main house.
I need to put the wireless card outside just to pick it up. Inside the house it doesnt pick it up.

What do you guess think of that idea and any ideas on how to go about it?
Im using the RTL8187 drivers not the R8187 drivers since im using it for basic internet.

Any help would be great and a How-to could be made up with crediting to anyone that helps.
Also i just though of its properly not made for a wireless band but could be converted to it somehow.

Thanks in advance.

I was just linked to a site where it gives step by step instructions on how to do it.