I am looking at doing some wep key cracking on my own system because I do small networking jobs and have a lot of people ask me about the wep crack difficulty and security. I am mostly just looking to broaden my horizon a little. I have read it is really not that difficult and I have watched people do it via youtube and I have scanned this forum and the other backtrack forums. I have the steps down pretty good but I am unable to get it to work correctly and I do beleive I know the problem but not sure...

When I run a aireplay -ng --test I get a "packet Injection is working" and it will give me a percent, i am usually getting around a 50%. I am using a IBM t61 lenovo ( I cant remeber but i think it is a 4965?) thinking maybe possibly a driver problem??

Should I be getting a 100% on the test.. I usually install Netgear routers but I have installed a couple Linksys's also..

Thanks for you help in advance I hope that this an informative and fun place to be.. My luck on the other backtrack forum was not so fun..