I am relatively new to BT, and am currently using BT3.
Maybe this is more of a Linux question, but I'm a newbie at that as well.

I thought I would try to upgrade WireShark to the latest release. This, it turns out involved installing a few pre-reqs. One in particular is pixman. I had downloaded and went through the install of pixman-1.10.0. I then tried to rebuild the latest Wireshark, and get a message saying pixman-1.12.0 is required. So, I got that one and installed. Rebuilding Wireshark gives a message about find pixman 1.10.0.

So, the question is, how do I go about removing pixman-1.10.0 so that pixman-1.12.0 will be found by Wireshark? (at least that's what I'm assuming hast to be done.)