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Thread: Need a wireless adapter that can reach atleast 500 feet.

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    Default Need a wireless adapter that can reach atleast 500 feet.

    i know theres adapters and accessories that can reach well over a mile with the correct setup, but I'm looking for a good fast one that will reach at least 500 feet. hopefully under 150 dollars too.
    i don't want any signal boosters either just an the adapter. plus one that would be bt4 compatible of course.

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    If you need something with a good transmit power and sensitivity you should go and check something like the Awus036h (1000 mW) or the Awus036nh (2000 mW). You should also know that the most important thing for a long range wifi connexion is not only the wifi adapter itself, but also the antenna you use with it, and the required antenna to suit your needs is a directionnal one, you can use a yagi or a dish. With a good wifi card and a high gain directionnal antenna you can set up a wifi network with a good bandwith a few miles away.
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