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Thread: Do i Upgrade

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    Default Do i Upgrade

    Hi bt people

    When i was on bt3 and i upgraded my kernel i had some serious problems pertaining to the usage..the system had gone highly unstable and it took me at least 20 days to stabilise it

    So before i attempt upgrades on bt4 i want to seek your advice/experiences

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    With BT4 any official updates are posted through the repositories. I'm sure any kernel updates will be listed as well and/or through the new BT4 forum. Anything you chose to update outside of official updates. You'll be taking a risk of breaking things, that's especially the case regarding non-official kernel upgrades. So far I've updated various utilities through the repositories & never had any problems.

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    BT4 is based on Ubuntu and should be quite stable, unless you mess around too much with it, of course.

    You have a stable system now? You should be able to revert to an older kernel, should you install one that you have problems with.

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