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Thread: bt denying me root login

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    Default bt denying me root login

    hi bt users

    i am trying to give my username at login prompt as

    bt login: root

    i get a response incorrect login

    how do i go around this

    presently i am typing this thread via recovery mode which gave me a root shell and also took my password

    why am i not allowed in normal login?

    earlier the root username and toor passwd used to work

    but now i am only able to get in using the recovery mode

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    ok fine i did it by chrooting into the bt4 partition and adding a admin user thru terminal

    but still i want to know earlier it was allowing me root login and suddenly it said incorrect login ..earlier i was allowed the root/toor combination.

    all i did was i changed the permissions of the folder on which i was mounting the bt4

    i am using two linux on two partiiotns...

    please quench my query..i am eager

    i had faced this problem once when i used to be on ubuntu and i played around with the permissions of /usr

    but this problem i am unable to understand


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