i have d-link dwl 2100 ap connected to biquied patch using low-loss coxial cable it works like charm can this be done to usb dongle so that i can put the antenna which comes with the dongle far to get better range or to extend it.if yes how long the coxial cable should be.the usb dongle gives 20 dbm connected 2 dbi omni antenna.?

if that can't be done.i have d-link dwl-2100 ap it acts as repeater also but thing is that you should put the root wep. i need to crack the root acess point wep.using my acess point as repeater then seat near my acess point with dongle connected to laptop.(the root acess point is mine) i have to do that.i wanna do this for eductianal perpose only. not for illegeal activites so i'm wondering is there a way to do that? if it works great .
is there a way since d-link have site serveuy ....site serveuy acts like airodump-ng in wifi . i'm trying to find a way to crack wep using the acesspoint since it have site servey (like airodump-ng in wifi)so can that be done?if yes how?if yes give me hints and i will do the rest,since d-link ap-2100 support injection and get good range.all devices are mine i wanna try them on myself to help you guyz latly i will do thread about some new ideas i tested and it work i will do them till i finish some stuff(school).