hey guys, last night i tried to to try chntpw in backtrack 4 pre final when i wanna do the following step i must first mount my drive so i did so but it say to me permission denied.i also tryed to go to start>start menue>then to storge media then i reload it then i can see my partions ,i tryed to enter were windows is installed and a box poped up and telled me an error and told me to try command to mount it.i type it it's code:mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1.............(i don't remmber all the command) and then it's says permission denied....i also entered the command code : df
it shows the drive and mounted on what i saw my windows partion and mounted in /media/sda1
i tryed to do the chntpw -i ...........................the mounted drive and were is the SAM file located it also says permission denied
i locked users in both f8 safe mode (adminstrator) and my other user i wanna rest them using this tool to see how it work help plz