Dear All
i have a N150 netgear router and i am trying to break the wep code on it.
i have logged into it to apply the following settings:
enc:wep 64bit
i have tried the usual packet injection method using aireplay to break into my bt business hub with no issue however when i do the same for the netgear the number of data packets captured does not go above 255!
i do not know why this is!
any ideas

further info:
thankfully i have access to more that one route (work as an IT tech)
i am using:
aireplay-ng -w wep -c 7 --bssid (bssid) wlan0
this authenicates and says both the authenication and the association was sucessful
i then use:
aireplay-ng -3 -b bssid wlan0
to inject packets
it gets an arp request and injects away happily
however the amount of data packets captured by airodump does not budge!

i occasionally get
"notice: got a deauth/disassoc packet. is the source mac associated"
dont know if that is any help

found the answer:
i_am_injecting_but_the_ivs_don_t_increase [Aircrack-ng]
it was an authenication issue
hope this helps someone