Last week I decided to check if my network was secure "enough". I got my WPA Handshake within seconds (which is quite acceptable). I then got down to trying to crack it.

I used all the dictionaries i could get my hands on to try and brute-force my way in but found nothing. So far so good. But I still wasn't convinced.

Through some social engineering, and after a few pints of lager, i tricked myself into telling me that the password was made of a 10 digit mixture of letters and numbers. I therefore tried a different way:

/pentest/password/crunch 10 10 "abcdefghijkl.......1234567890" | aircrack-ng ..... wpa-01.cap

After something like 4 days of scanning 385 keys/second it had barely just started the 3rd digit. This made me feel a lot safer.

Question: Are there "faster" ways other than crunch to get to a 10 digit password by checking every possible permutation, or may I assume that no one is going to have the time to crack my password (at least for the next few hundreds of years) ???