Before I'm losing my mind completely, I thought I should ask you about suggestions.

I'm trying to set up an soft AP with my Alfa AWUS036H
I'll start with a short description and we will see if someone already can pinpoint the problem from there. Otherwise I'm going to be more specific:

  • I put my Alfa-interace in monitor mode with airmon-ng
  • I start airbase-ng on the monitor interface
  • I have configured my dhcpd.conf file and told the dhcp-deamon to work on the tap interface which is newly created with command airbase
  • I set the IP on the tap interface (at0) to map to the correct IP which also is specified in dhcpd.conf as router and set the mtu to 1400 and bring up the at0-interface.
  • I add the correct route to the specified net with the gateway set to the same IP as I specified on at0.
  • I start the dhcpd and everything seems OK.
    ("Wrote 0 leases to leases file")

From my other laptop I'm able to see the newly created AP and I can connect to it but I don't get an IP from dhcpd.
If I run tcpdump on at0 the only thing I see is:
"12:24.069960 TheClient'sMAC (oui Unknown) Null > Broadcast Unknown DSAP 0x08 Supervisory, Receiver not Ready, rcv seq 0, Flags [Command], length 330"

What the h am I doing wrong? I am also able to see the client's request coming in:
"12:24 Client TheClient'sMAC associated (unencrypted) to ESSID: "secret"

I'm happy to give away all the conf-files and detailed descriptions, but I thought that I'll start with this light description and see if someone comes up with the solution or ideas.

Thanks / Alex