hi fellas i was playing with my own installed VM with BT4 final and i installed
htop as an easy process manager for the console

so after install and everything i run htop and after short orienting on the "gui"
i was seeing 60 same processes named console-kit-deamon

here a screenshot


after a short research on GOOGLE i found something like it is used for user identification and other stuff but nothing sounded usefull for me

so befor doing something stupid and other things i thought it is a good idea to post it here and see the response from more advanced people

and it seem that this problem is in ubuntu also but also no usefull info on it

i have installed the iso desktop image

and a second running the vmware image ^^ (here is the same bug)

just for fun and finding differences

also i wantet to have it all configurt my way

and naturaly i speak german so excuse me vor my bad grammar