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Thread: looking for a good 802.11b/g/n external antenna (yagi), suggestions please?

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    Question looking for a good 802.11b/g/n external antenna (yagi), suggestions please?

    greets all,

    so I'm in the market for an (c)antenna upgrade = I am looking to purchase a new wifi antenna. I have multiple wifi cards, all with the ability to connect an external antenna via male RP-SMA connector, only 3 of the cards are really worth a darn tho. specifically 2x USB alfa cards (AWUS036nh - 2000mW, AWUS050NH - 500mW) and a dlink (DWL-G520 revB PCI). for an external antenna I am using the "super cantenna" from wireless garden inc. with a cheap retractable tripod (from walmart for $13) and up-until-now, my antenna setup has been rock solid, and great performer for me. the specs for it are as follows :
    Super Cantenna
    Model SCB10X:
    Electrical Specifications
    Frequency: 2400-2500 MHz
    Gain: 12 dbi
    Beam Width: Approx. 30 degrees
    Impedance: 50 Ohm
    Max input: 50 Watts
    VSWR: <1.5:1 avg.
    Mechanical Specifications
    Length: 12”
    Material Base: Metal
    Lid: Plastic
    Connector: Integrated 36-inch RPSMA cable, RPTNC adapter
    Polarization: Linear
    I figure I might as well go for a "bigger and better" antenna I've got $100 to sink into my purchase. my use case is as follows: I have a local coffee shop that lets me siphon internet, for being a loyal customer (well, actually the g/f is, I dont drink coffee), and for helping out with tech support issues every now and then. I live about 5-6 blocks from them, and get a decent signal now, but I just know I can get better... I think I just need to upgrade the antenna I have.

    so I figured I'd come to ol' faithful = the remote-exploit forums, to see if one of u can make a suggestion for what to buy, and/or give your oppinion of your current setup?! I have looked long and wantonly at onryo's thread = ultra long range antennas - howto , but have come to the conclusion that it is just too much work, and requires too steady of a hand + patience to get it built (not to mention working properly) ... so I've decided that is out of the question... really any DIY project is out of question. I'd rather just buy one. boy, I do truly wish someone would manufacture that pwnbone of his, as I'd love to snatch something like that up in an instant!

    I've checked into freenet antennas (which is outside of the US), gold wireless antennas, l-com - specifically this, this page talks about many different antenna's, etc. what about this one I keep seeing ALL over ebay?

    only recently I decided to take a look at ebay, and WOW - there are sooo many antenna's its hard to separate the crap from the good when I just don't have much knowledge in the antenna selection department. for example, this one sounds very nice = "2.4GHz 16DBi Wifi Yagi Antenna RP-SMA and Moutning kit". some are USB based? whatever I get, I want to make sure that the parts of high-quality, will last long (even in exposure to the outdoor elements of the pacific NW = lots of rain), has minimal signal degradation, and hopefully has the approval of other remote-exploit forum-goers.

    honestly, I'd like to hear what other remote-exploit forum-goers have in their setup, and if possible I'd like to be able to purchase something similar, as long as it's an upgrade from what I currently have with the potential of increasing my signal to my connection which is ~5-6 blocks away. ideally I'd love to get something along the lines of onryo's pwnbone!
    quoting from the text underneath his image of the pwn bone on his site::
    This is the "pwn bone" A 26dBi yagi. The PwnBone is 3 PCB Teflon stripline 20 dBi yagi antennas stacked at about 1/20th lambda and phased a little. I rescaled it for 2442 MHz from an existing classified design. No it is not curved. The wide angle lens sucks. Length is 1.6 meters. From 5.1 km line of sight I have a -52 dbi signal. Using a 2 watt amp to fry away any problems I may encounter. Have had up to 332 APs seen at once while pointed in one direction. Nice addition to my rouge AP.
    (onryo, hope u don't mind me linking to yr pic/site - if u desire I will take this part out ... I'm just sooo envious! )

    so what'cha think? someone wanna offer me a suggestion, or point out a site for me to pick up something, nice n easy? purrty-please?
    'see the fnords!'

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    Default site to buy antenna's for your wireless card..

    Hey try these guys out they I buy all my wireless cards and antennas from these guys. They are located in Miami Florida, I have an Alfa card and a bunch of Antennas from them and they all work great. hope this helps out.

    www .antennaworld. com
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