Not sure if i should post this in the bugs, hardware or this forum.
Anyhoo... I got this oldish Sony vaio. Intel onboard wifi chipset, BT4 final loaded iwl3945, iwlcore and mac80211. It connects fine, injects fine, monitors fine, but when i setup a fake AP i got issues. Broadcasts the AP normally, other computers see the AP, but when connected to it they simply don't receive an IP from dhcpd3. At first i thought it was me doing something wrong, so i wrote down a small script and changed various values to see where was the problem (changing the dhcpd.conf, the AP parameters, etc etc). Then i tested the script with a Toshiba NB100 and it worked fine. AP up and running, clients connecting and getting assigned an IP. Googled around for iwl3945, found an other driver pack (compat-wireless with iwlwifi) which i compiled & installed, and then the wifi didn't work at all (error at loading micro code, ifconfig didnt work at all, etc). So i uninstalled and im stuck at this.
I realize my problem isnt a biggie. Most likely will get a usb dongle to use for testing honeypot and fake APs, but its annoying. Anyone had any simular issue, or any experience on this issue ? Thanks in advance!