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    Default Virtual box resolutions

    Not sure if this is a VB issue or a BT issue. I have BT2 and 3 iso's in VB running just fine except one small problem. I have searched the newbie forum for issues close to mine and dont seem to see any. My issue is that whn i start BT2 and 3 in a VB machine, the window used to autosize to fit the 1024x768 resolution. But then i updated from 3.08 to 3.14. Now what is happening is that the screen of bt2 and 3 are not auto fitted any more so i have to use the scroll bars on the right and bottom sides to move the bt screen around so i can see the task bar. This is anoying since i have to hit the right ctrl button continually to move the envronment to see any of the windows or task bar. I have posted in VB forums but no one has posted back and its been 3 days. Like i mentioned earlier in the post, it used to auto fit the bt screen in the box so i would not have to use the scroll bars. i have tried to look for an option in VB but cant seem to find one. Also i try to change the res of bt3 or 2 to 800x600 but it does not like that. haha.

    thanks for the help. I am using bt2 for my labs from the professional pen test book by tom welhelm.

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    Use bT4 - there's no more support for bt2/bt3

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    I also have Tom's book though I run BT 4 installed on a netbook. Was there a specific reason you upgraded to 3.14 ?, or was it purely to have the newest version. If 3.08 and BT2 was working fine, you might want to stick with it. That to me is the easiest solution.

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