currenly i have done nothing to my driver but i would like to know if i would need to patch or change my driver for better support with backtrack 4 final i will also be changing the tx power today and if i need to do anything to my driver im curently using rtl8187.injeting works but if i use to attacks at the same time pps decrease.

i blacklisted rtl8187 and im now using r8187 changed tx power to 35 did find it that it is working a little better when i put my card in monitor mode no virtual interface is created it stay as wlan0 and when i hit the command airdriver-ng loaded i get 2 drivers one says loaded stack as a 2.mac80211 i belive sorry im at work right now dont kno eactly and the second is a 35 or 35 number not quite sure either. ijus want advice on which driver gives the best injection speeds or what can i do to improvwe injection speed