First off u wanna hi to all members here on the forum first i have been expirmenting with backtrack 4 final installed on my hdd been testing on my own ap for a few weeks first i satrted with gerix cracker and now im doing the attack through konsole like it much better as i can see what actually going on and could adjust packets being sent to get authencated as well as the sec of keep alive packets delay.i've been getting up to 250 pps injecting out of the box no other configs today i will be putting txpower to 35 and down to 1mb will the driver im currently using support the high power(rtl8187). But which driver would you recomend for me to use for injecting i dont care about going online jus injecting its currently using rtl8187. i have the 1000mw version. is there anything else i can do to improve injection. i have both 5 dbi attena and 9 dbi.