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Thread: acer aspire 1 d250

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    I have an acer aspire one d250, BT4 is installed and working perfectly, except for the screen resolution. my problem is that the bottom of some/most windows that are open, is being cut off and i can not see the "apply, cancel, etc" buttons.

    Current screen resolution is 1024x600@60
    (i think, not sure exactly)

    yes i know its more then likely a noob question.
    flaming, random insults, etc... are not welcome but not frowned upon from me ..

    HAHA thx if any1 can help me w/ my problem

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    Im having the same problem I had to type fix-vesa to get it to even boot off the live cd into xwin now I cant get it changed from 800x600 to anything else.

    I just bought this Acer Aspire One netbook recently comes with windows 7 starter, if i boot into windows and use bt in a vm environment I can change resolutions freely and see the next cancel...etc buttons that are on the menus and prompts.

    I cant get it to install to the HD like this, thats why I chose this netbook I have a Alfa 500mw usb wireless and most of the people in my town pay me to pentest their home business and wifi networks got tired of lugging arround my pc and made enough finally to get this thing.

    Correct me if I am wrong but I heard theres a way to force a certian resolution when starting xwin?

    Btw my Acer Aspire One is a 532H if that helps.
    I cant for the love of god get it installed to the hard drive i tried changing font sizes as per another site suggested but it dosent help I still cant see the buttons on the menu prompts.

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