Hi everyone,

I'm a big fan of these forums and have learned a lifetime of information simply by reading and lurking. I'm an up-and-coming programmer and I wanted to give something back to the community...

Grim Wepa [v0.5] is currently in beta mode, and I'm looking for testers!
The program is available on Google Code at:


Grim Wepa is heavily influenced by SpoonWEP and SpoonWPA; both in GUI and functionality. I am a fan of ShamanVirtuel's work and wanted to see if I could create something similar.

The Spoon suite (SpoonWEP/2, SpoonWPA) wasn't working properly for me on BT4, so I wrote this program in Java to automate WEP and WPA cracking.

GrimWepa does NOT include a fancy new cracking method: It is the same tried-and-true methods that we are all accustomed to (aircrack-ng, airodump-ng, aireplay-ng, and the like). GrimWepa merely automates the running of these scripts in an easy-to-use GUI format.

I've only been able to test each option briefly, and some attacks have been completely unsuccessful (Chop-chop and Cafe-latte refuse to generate packets on my router). Fragmentation, ARP replay, and -p0841 work very well, as does the WPA handshake capture + wordlist attack.

I have posted the source code (not to v0.6, but a recent revision) to allow others to aid in developing if they wish. If you want to compile the program yourself, you can access the source using the console command:

svn checkout http[colon]//grimwepa.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

Note: use a real colon : instead of [colon] to properly checkout the code. (I'm not allowed to post full URLs yet!)

Some files that are in the .jar file are not included in the source (such as default_pw.txt and README.txt), so be aware. You will also need the app "javac" to compile the source code (javac is available in the sun-java6-jdk install package).

For those that don't want to compile themselves, just download the .jar file and type:

java -jar grimwepa_0.5.jar

at the console to get started.